Botswana Fishing Trips 

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Shakawe Fishing Lodge


THE LODGE: Each of the ten spacious, ensuite, airconditioned suites are beautifully appointed and fitted with state of the art finishings. Tucked away in the shady riverine forest, the view from your private deck looks out over a small channel, lined with an expanse of papyrus and an abundance of incredible birdlife.


BOTSWANA FISHING: The Botswana Tiger Fish hunts in the crystal clear open waters which offers unforgettable Botswana fishing, for the novice and experienced angler alike. The lodge has five well equipped fishing boats, each one skippered by well trained and experienced Botswana fishing guides.


LOCATION: Shakawe River Lodge is situated 10km south of the small village of Shakawe in North Western Botswana. The safari town of Maun is 380km to the South East.

Accessible by tarred road from the North and South, Shakawe River Lodge is both an ideal destination in itself as well as an ideal stopover for visitors travelling through the Northern parts of Botswana/Southern Africa. The Mohembo border post to Namibia is a mere 20km to the North of the lodge.


There is an airport in Shakawe itself, with a 1,4km tarred runway. Chartered flights from Maun to Shakawe can be arranged on request.

For private aircraft, Customs and Immigration clearance is available at Shakawe Airport, by prior arrangement.






Botswana Fishing trip Review : Shakawe Fishing Lodge 2014:

Trip to Shakawe fishing lodge. Thanks to Africa Inbound Safaris for my 1st Tiger Fish.


Our journey began with a short plane trip from Maun airport to our destination on our Botswana Fishing trip, up the Okavango Delta in Shakawe. We loaded our thing into a plane that was probably smaller than a minivan and headed off. I was able sit right up front with the pilot and witness how he would be flying us as well as having a great view of what was down below us. The Delta lay before us and seemed to stretch, never ending, in all directions. We had our first taste of wildlife as we saw groups of hippos and elephants that roamed the bush down below us.

This fishing lodge far exceeded my expectations as although it was next to the river it was nicely decorated so that anybody could find a comfortable spot and simply enjoy the view that was in front of them. You could say the place held a balance between the bush and that of a modern environment, of which most people I think would be comfortable with. The food we received was so generously large and tasteful that I had a feeling the kitchen staff were actually trying to add ten pounds to us in the short time that we were there.

When I was told that I would be staying in a tent I had expected a small spot by the campfire, sleeping half inside a sleeping bag like most of my previous experiences. However this was not like previous experiences. I was given two single beds along with bedside table and lamps all inside a large tent that was built slightly above ground on wooden frame, to prevent any possible entries of unwanted snakes and other small creatures. At this point I became impressed with the place but I still wanted to see more of what it had to offer.

The next morning we pushed off the bank of the river to start our fishing enjoyment. I was extremely keen to attempt to catch my first ever Tiger Fish. I had only heard stories of their strength and now wanted to face the creature myself. I got my chance but only after a few hours of relaxation while we drifted down the river with the current and embraced the coolness of the morning. We had come across what seemed like countless crocodiles that ranged from what looked like up to around three metres. We found a lone elephant walking on the other side of the river and had stopped to allow my father to take photos of the large animal. Throughout the trip the sky seemed to crowd with movement as the many different species of birds talked among each other and flew around, such as the kingfishers that stood staring into the water, looking for some misfortunate small fish to swim by. After about two hours of waiting patiently and even witnessing my Dad a tiger of his own while I encountered painful amounts of nudges from the fish with no luck for a bite, when it finally came. Out of nowhere my rod had jolted vigorously. I was so surprised I had nearly let the thing go. Barely holding I understood then the strength of the fish. It fought like a demon for what seemed like hours to me. While constantly trying to tire the thing out, I listened to my father continued to shout at me not to let the fish go under the boat. It was almost like an arm wrestle as I waited for my opponent to tire out so I could take him down. Soon it apparent I was actually beating the thing as it seemed it gave up, tired from the struggle and allowed me to bring him in. Its colours and deadly looking teeth amazed me. Impressed with my catch we continued to fish for a short time before heading back to the lodge as the fish crept away avoiding the heat of the afternoon sun striking the water.

That night we had sat and watched a sunset that I won’t soon ever forget. The colour of the sun reflecting off of the still river water was perhaps my favourite part of our trip. My dad had found an old friend of his at the nearby bar and they spent the next two hours talking while I had sat near the bank and enjoyed the noises of the river.

We woke up early to pack and prepare ourselves for the flight back to Maun. Our small holiday would soon be over, however not before he had our coffee and watched the sun come up, revealing a foggy looking river.



Our trip, although short was filled with excitement. The comfortable accommodation given to us by the lodge and the incredible hospitality of our guide left us feeling satisfied but wishing for a longer holiday. As hoped we had seen more wildlife than I had expected, considering we were mainly there for the fishing and tons of birds ranging from Kingfishers to Marabou Stalks.


Once again, a huge thank you to Mel at Africa Inbound Safaris!